Productive Open Design Spaces

We hope you’ll join us May 22-25 to explore complexity, diversity and change in 21st century teaching and learning at our annual Teaching, Learning and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI). There are multiple ways to participate in this year’s institute; of particular note is the opportunity for deeper engagement as a participant in our design seminars, which we call Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS).

Proposals for participation in this 4-day studio are now closed. Please reach out to us with any questions!

What is PODS?

PODS is a team-based opportunity for groups of faculty and staff to explore a curricular or pedagogical project in a flexible, design-centered studio environment. With the support of a facilitator and CNDLS coaches, participants are provided space and time to think through their project, design model solutions, and plan for continued development.

What is the time commitment as a participant in PODS?

PODS groups will be asked to meet four times throughout the week of TLISI (May 22-25). We’ll kick off PODS with a welcome session Monday morning from 9:30am to 11:30am. Facilitated working sessions will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9:30am and noon, with group presentations on Thursday in the Bioethics Library. 

Monday, May 22: Kick off—9:30am to 11:30am (McShain Large)

Tuesday, May 23: Facilitated Working Session—9:30am to noon (McShain Large)

Wednesday, May 24: Facilitated Working Session—9:30am to noon (McShain Large)

Thursday, May 25: Group Presentations—9:30am to noon (Bioethics Library)