Institute Themes

Are there particular topic areas that are most relevant to this year’s institute?

TLISI 2017 sessions and programming focused on the following topic areas: 

Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning

What have you been doing that engages students and improves student learning? What best practices have you discovered that are worth sharing?

Inclusive Pedagogies

How are you working to create a culture that supports diversity across all levels of the university? How do we ensure that our practices have the greatest possible benefit to all learners?

Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition

How do we best teach to the whole person? Is contemplation in action a part of your pedagogy? How do you incorporate reflection into your practices as an educator? Are there other aspects of the Jesuit tradition that inform your teaching and positively impact student learning?

Incorporating Difficult and Timely Topics

Have you incorporated the University’s history regarding the institution of slavery into your teaching? Has the polarization of American politics found its way into your classroom? What techniques work well for making difficult and timely topics a part of students’ learning?

Technology Enhanced Learning

How have you strategically incorporated technology into the face-to-face or virtual classroom? Which technologies are worth adopting and how can we best use them?

Innovative Teaching Practices

What types of teaching or learning challenges have you addressed using creative or innovative pedagogical approaches?

Cross-Institutional and Cross-Departmental Collaborations

What types of partnerships have you engaged in to promote high impact practices in teaching and learning? Have you leveraged a particular network to help you address a particular teaching or learning challenge? How can faculty and staff better partner together to improve student experience?