Call for Proposals

TLISI 2023

Monday, May 22, 2023 - Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship (CNDLS) is pleased to announce Georgetown’s annual Teaching, Learning & Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) will be held May 22-25, 2023. The Institute offers Georgetown University faculty, staff, and graduate students from all campuses the opportunity to explore strategies for excellence in teaching and learning. The theme for this year is Shifting Ground, Adapting Practice.

In an effort to draw on the broad expertise at Georgetown, we invite all faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors not only to attend TLISI, but also to submit session proposals to present at this year’s Institute. The Institute will feature in-person and virtual sessions, keynote talks and plenaries, social events, and a team-based design opportunity called Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS). More information about the entire program will be available soon at, and more information about submitting proposals is outlined below.

The deadline to submit a session proposal has been extended to EOD Monday, March 20 but reach out to us if you have ideas, questions, or other comments about your proposal. Keep us in the loop at


There is exciting, innovative teaching happening all around us. Educators at Georgetown are trying different ways to engage with students, to create inclusive spaces, to convey not only knowledge but skills that are relevant across different careers and in different aspects of our lives. The goal of this year’s TLISI is to share that experience and expertise in response to this year’s theme Shifting Ground, Adapting Practice in order to provide a space where we can come together and tell one another what we have done, what we plan to do, and to ask for comments and advice from one another. We want this to be a space for all our talented, hard-working educators to share, and to learn with and from one another. We welcome a wide variety of proposals, as well, even if your proposal may not fit neatly within the theme for this year.

We always welcome all voices in our community, but this year in particular we have a new session type: COURSE/INTERVENTION SHOWCASE, a low stakes, low-threshold session for individuals or small groups of educators who want to report-out on interventions they’ve tried in their courses, what they have learned from those experiences, and the impact on student learning. We hope to bring together other educators and attendees who are teaching the same types of courses, and will find the presenter’s experiences relevant to their own teaching. CNDLS staff are also available to work with presenters on putting together a proposal, or a short presentation for the conference. 

We welcome other ideas and proposals, as well. Feel free to peruse our past TLISI resources to see the breadth of topics we’ve discussed before. What have you learned this year about teaching and learning?

The deadline to submit a proposal is March 20th. More information on submitting proposals can be found below in the “Submission Guidelines” section. Please reach out to us——with any questions about proposing a session. Registration to attend the Institute will open in April.


TLISI sessions vary in length and format. Please indicate a preferred format for presenting as part of the proposal process, but know that we may ask you to adjust formats. You may submit a proposal for more than one session, including related sessions.

Formats include:


(45-50 minutes) offer an opportunity for both information and engaged, hands-on work on a teaching question, topic, or research method.


(15-25 minutes) feature reports from one or a small group of faculty on interventions and innovations they have implemented in their course over the last few semesters, along with the impact of these changes. We welcome short 10-15 minute reports, providing time for discussion and questions; or a poster presentation. 


(45-50 minutes) provide opportunities for participants to share questions and explore a topic or idea in informal discussion with colleagues from across campus. 


(45-50 minutes) are a traditional format with presentation(s) followed by discussion among the speakers and with the audience.


(45-50 minutes to 80-90 minutes) provide the opportunity for working groups, task forces, faculty groups and other Georgetown committees to share progress and recommendations from the previous year with interested colleagues. Might include demonstrations, formal assessments of impact or showcasing of curricular and pedagogical projects.


We welcome proposals for non-traditional formats, including focus groups, walking tours, simulations, performances, readings, or other meaningful considerations of teaching and learning at Georgetown.

Would you like to discuss your idea of a session with a CNDLS staff member? CNDLS and TLISI is a conference for all of the community at Georgetown. We welcome questions and the opportunity to discuss and develop your ideas pre-submission. Please contact us at  


In submitting a SESSION PROPOSAL by completing this form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Session title
  • A brief description (no more than 400 words) of your proposed session
  • The names and netIDs of all applicants. Since TLISI is an internal conference, though we welcome collaborators from other institutes, the main presenter should be affiliated with Georgetown
  • Your preferred session format
  • Your preferred session mode (in-person or virtual)
  • A list of 2-4 audience outcomes


Please submit your proposal on or before March 20th, 2023.



You will be notified via email in early April regarding the status of your proposal. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact