Call for Session Proposals


We invite all faculty and staff to not only attend TLISI, but also to propose sessions to present at this year’s Institute. Additional information about proposing sessions at TLISI follows below, along with details about how to submit session proposals. We look forward to hearing your ideas for innovative, engaging sessions!

In addition to presenting a session at TLISI, we also offer many other ways to engage in the Institute, including but not limited to: participating in our Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS), attending plenary talks, and enjoying exhibits during afternoon social hours. More information about these opportunities will be available on our website soon.

Registration for the Institute will open in March. Those who would like to submit proposals should do so by February 19.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have included information about our call for proposal process, including answers to questions like “What type of topic areas are most relevant to this year’s Institute?” and “How do I submit a proposal?” Our proposal submission link is live now through February 19. Please reach out to us——with any questions.

Can I present a session at TLISI?

Yes! We invite Georgetown faculty and staff to not only attend TLISI, but also to submit session proposals to present at this year’s institute. TLISI is a space for the Georgetown community of educators to raise provocative questions and engage with one another around topics of teaching, learning and innovation to support our University’s commitment to academic excellence. We encourage interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams to submit proposals for sessions of interest to the larger community. We welcome submissions relating to teaching and learning from faculty, staff, and students (collaborations across these groups are especially encouraged). Furthermore, we encourage proposal submissions that explore ways in which we can illuminate the important ideas addressed in the Intellectual Life Report published in January 2018. Please visit our Institute Topic Areas and Session Format pages on our website to learn more as you craft your proposal.

Registration for the Institute will open in March. Those who would like to submit proposals should do so by February 19 using the guidelines under the section: How can I submit a session proposal to present at TLISI?

Are there particular topic areas that are most relevant to this year’s Institute?

We welcome brief session proposals (no more than 400 words) in all topic areas related to teaching and learning, including:

How do we best teach to the whole person? Is contemplation in action a part of your pedagogy? How do you incorporate reflection in action into your practices as an educator? Are there other aspects of the Jesuit tradition that inform your teaching and positively impact student learning?

How are you working to create a culture that supports and empowers all members of our diverse student body? How do we ensure that our practices have the greatest possible benefit to all learners? What techniques work well for making difficult and timely topics a part of students’ learning?

How have you strategically incorporated technology into the face-to-face or virtual classroom? Which technologies are worth adopting and how can we best use them?

What have you been doing that engages students and improves student learning? What best practices have you discovered that are worth sharing?

What types of partnerships have you engaged in to promote high impact practices in teaching and learning? Have you leveraged a particular network to help you address a particular teaching or learning challenge? How can faculty and staff better partner together to improve the student experience?

We welcome other proposals relevant to innovation in teaching and learning at Georgetown.

What types of sessions can I propose?

Most TLISI sessions last one hour, though they come in a variety of formats. Please indicate a preferred format for presenting as part of the proposal process, but know that but we may ask you to adjust formats. You can submit a proposal for a single session or for a series of sessions. Formats include:

Workshops (60 min) offer an opportunity for hands-on work on a teaching question, topic, or research method. These sessions usually begin with instruction in an approach, technology, or methodology and then provide participants time to experiment with the techniques discussed.

Project Showcases or Poster Sessions (variable) feature engaging displays of innovative projects, provocative but realistic ideas, compelling findings, or lessons learned. Displays may include posters, demonstrations of use of technologies in teaching, lightning talks or pechu-kucha presentations, or other formal presentations of curricular and pedagogical projects. Sessions could also highlight independent or group projects. Some proposals in these formats may be grouped together into a single session by the organizers.

Roundtable Discussions (60 min) will provide opportunities for participants to share questions and explore a topic or idea with colleagues from across campus. Please include relevant (and potentially provocative) questions in your proposal that will generate discussion across groups. These are informal discussions, and participants will be welcome to rotate among several discussions or focus on one.

Panel Presentations (60 min) are a traditional format with presentation(s) followed by discussion among the speakers and with the audience. While we prefer applicants to assemble their own panels, we will accept applications from single speakers on a topic and try to connect them with co-presenters, if possible.

Reporting Sessions (60 min) provide the opportunity for working groups, task forces, and other Georgetown committees to share progress and recommendations from the previous year with interested colleagues.

Other ideas? We welcome proposals for non-traditional formats, including focus groups, walking tours, simulations, performances, readings, or other meaningful considerations of teaching and learning at Georgetown.

How can I submit a session proposal to present at TLISI?

Submission Criteria: On the linked form (see button below) you’ll be asked to submit a brief description (no more than 400 words) of your proposed session, a list of the names and netIDs of all applicants, the preferred session format, a description of your target audience, and a list of two-to-four audience outcomes.

Electronic Submission: Please submit your proposal electronically below. If you need assistance, please contact

Deadline: Please submit your proposal on or before February 19.

Acceptance: You will be notified via email in mid-March regarding the status of your proposal.