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May 22-25, 2023
TLISI 2022: Session Recordings

Thank You for Attending TLISI!


May 23 – May 26, 2022

This year’s institute took place in a hybrid format featuring in-person and virtual sessions, plenary talks and panels, social events, and a team-based design opportunity called Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS). The 2022 institute is now over. 

TLISI 2022 Report

TLISI 2020 Report

TLISI 2019 Report

What Our Attendees Say

“The sessions were terrific in improving my overall level of comfort regarding virtual teaching and engaging students.” 

I would probably not have come into campus for a single session on one day but was able to work from home and still benefit from that session.”

89% of survey respondents reported that TLISI strongly enhances teaching & learning at Georgetown
84% of respondents reported that their experiences at TLISI strongly inform their conceptions and practices around teaching and/or mentoring
77% of respondents felt satisfied or very satisfied with TLISI overall in 2022

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